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Social responsibility is the most important principle of the work of the National Media Group. For us, this is a responsibility not only to partners, employees, the state and society, but also to every person who comes into contact with the process and result of our professional activities.

As the creator and largest distributor of content, we are fully aware of our responsibility for influencing society through a media product.

The Holding’s social responsibility strategy provides for an increase in the positive social impact and accessibility of content for all regions of Russia. We also see it as our goal to make the media industry accessible to talents from all over the country.

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awards for impact projects for 2022
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kids from orphanages found families


STS and NMG supported the foundation «Change one Life» with the help of the TV series «Aunt Marta»

Launch date: November 01, 2022

From the fifteenth episode, in which viewers learned the truth about the heroine who escaped from the orphanage, the phrase «Marta is at home, but other children are not» and a QR code with a link to the charity's website appeared on the screen.

Two years ago, employees of non-profit organizations that deal with the topic of orphan institutions and systemic assistance to orphans from different sides decided to unite in order to work more effectively not only in the field of direct assistance to organizations, foster families, system solutions, legislative changes, but also in the field of promoting those meanings that are brought to a wide audience in various ways the public. This is how the Coalition of Orphan Organizations «Family from Birth» appeared.

The main problem that 47 organizations are trying to solve together is as follows:

In an attempt to protect the children, they are sent to an orphanage. But is this protection? It is necessary to do everything so that the child remains in a blood family, and if this is impossible, then find another family for him, without additional institutions, which, in the end, seeking to protect, break many children's lives. How to solve this problem is to strengthen measures to support families in a difficult life situation, to establish a system of prevention of social orphanhood. The system of social protection of orphans and children left without parental care needs to be reorganized, and the priority should be the child's living in family conditions. It is necessary to convey to society that it is necessary to shift the focus of attention from «toys in orphanages» to «help the family - blood, foster», to help with adoption, to help families on the verge of deprivation of parental rights. In short, any family where there is no violence and violation of the rights of the child is better than any orphanage.
The National Media Group, as part of the working group, participated in the formation of a list of messages that need to be integrated into the content in order to delicately convey these meanings to the general public.

In parallel, almost simultaneously with this, the idea of the series «Aunt Marta» appeared and the long journey of its creation began. And already at the stage of finalizing the script, we were able to integrate into the already coherent story those important meanings that are important to remember for any person who is faced with the topic of orphanhood. Because everyone is able to contribute and influence this social topic.

Together with the producers of the series, we decided that it would be great to integrate drawings of a real child from an orphanage into each episode of the series, because the main character is constantly drawing, thus thinking and making plans. The drawings in the credits say that there are such real Martha girls who are waiting for their family. So we found Nina Konnova, a pupil of the CSSV «Our House», who lives in an orphanage, she dreams, she studies, she grows up and will soon be responsible for her own life. She paints and wants to become a designer on the STS TV channel. This beautiful girl drew the pictures for our series.

We understood that by the 15th episode, when viewers realize that Martha, in fact, ran away from the orphanage, they will sincerely and wholeheartedly love her. We know that by this point they will want to help the same little Martha, but few people know how to do it. At the end of the 15th episode, we give an answer to this question - viewers see a link to the website of the charity foundation «Change One Life», by going to which everyone will be able to find an option for themselves to participate in the fate of children who do not have a family. You can adopt a child into a family, you can become a volunteer, you can simply help the foundation implement those programs that help both children and host families. We really hope that these steps will help someone find a real family, inspire someone to start helping families who are having a hard time right now, or simply make someone understand their own children better.

Research of NMG and the «Platform»: the demand for the creation of socially significant cinema has grown in Russia

Launch date: October 26, 2022

The Platform Social Design Center, with the support of the National Media Group, studied the social effects of Russian film content and identified the potential for expanding the penetration of impact content among Russian viewers. Already 60% of Russians believe that cinema should educate and influence human values — this is 5 percentage points more than a year earlier. 82% of Russian viewers positively assess the quality of the content produced in the country. Over the past year, this indicator has also increased by 5 percentage points.

As part of the study, a methodology for measuring impact content in Russia was formed. In total, it has 11 parameters, according to which the audience evaluated from 1 to 5 viewed films.

The study was conducted in May-June 2022. The survey involved 1,400 respondents aged 18 years and older living in cities with a population of 100,000 or more. In addition, a session was held with the participation of 55 experts professionally associated with filmmaking, and two focus groups with viewers of the top 5 socially significant films selected in accordance with the criteria for measuring impact content.

Svetlana Balanova, General Director of the National Media Group:

«For us, this study is another step in the systemic development of the impact content industry. As manufacturers and distributors, we can't help but think about the social effects of our product and the results of integrating helping tools into the content. We want to do this systematically and with an eye to the long-term systemic development of the market in this direction».


Impact content in the show «Hearts for Love»

Launch date: October 24, 2022

In the new season of the STS Love show «Hearts for love» there is a special issue with the heroes of the age category 60+. The fight for the best mature man turned out to be really hot. The total number of questionnaires of representatives of the older generation exceeded 1000 people, and this episode became one of the most popular on the Youtube channel among other releases of the season.

The older generation was impressed with their idea of an ideal companion, and their choice was no less intriguing — the struggle for the best mature man was really hot.

Issue 60+ received a great response from the media. In support of this topic, a large material was published on the website of the New Hearth magazine: «I'm sexy and I'm not ashamed»: how sex and relationships of people after 60 are arranged». Also, in order to reveal the NEW IMAGE of a MODERN ELDERLY PERSON, a special session was organized at the Russian Creative Week (July 7-10, Gorky Park).


Charity and social projects discussed in the «Zero»

Launch date: October 20, 2022

In May 2022 on more.tv series «Zero» was released. The series was a continuation of Sergey Minaev's previous work «The Nineties». The project tells how the inhabitants of the country, after many years of permissiveness, began to take on new models of production and consumption.

So, one of the series of the project tells about the rise of Russian cinema, which began with the release of Timur Bekmambetov's «Night Watch». And in another, the appearance of stage TV projects, such as «The Last Hero», «Dom-2» and «The Factory of Stars» is considered.

In the sixth series of the documentary series, the key figures of the era tell not only about the economic crisis and its impact on the life of various industries, but also note the influence of the 2000s on the development of charity and social projects in Russia.

This non–accidental integration of a socially significant topic is the result of the work of the producers of the series and the CSR impact team of the National Media Group.

NMG became the general media partner of the impact film festival «Lamp»

Launch date: October 18, 2022

The National Media Group acted as the general media partner of the impact film festival «Lamp», which was held in Perm from October 13 to 16.

For four days, the participants of the film festival watched life-affirming inspirational films and social videos, as well as took part in a business program. Maria Zalunina, Head of CSR at NMG, spoke about the impact projects of the National Media Group at 3 sessions of the business program.

Many social videos that won prizes at the film festival were broadcast during 2022 on the Holding's channels.

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Maria Zalunina

Head of CSR of the National Media Group and the initiative «Media Society»

We are constantly improving in the production of socially significant content and are actively partnering with non-profit organizations. The Holding channels regularly broadcast social videos of various funds, and our employees take part in their creation as intellectual volunteers