National Media Group

National Media Group is the largest Russian private media holding company. NMG was founded in 2008 and is currently managing a diversified portfolio of assets in the fields of production, distribution and monetization of high-quality content in all media environments.


The media assets of Rossiya Bank, Alexey Mordashov, Surgutneftegas, and Sogaz Insurance Group merged to establish National Media Group.

The holding company occupied leading positions in the TV segment, having acquired a stake in Channel One, REN TV and CTC Media Holding. It also expanded into the radio broadcasting segment by acquiring the leading news radio station Russian News Service.

The Group strengthened its presence in the print media segment. We acquired a popular regional newspaper, Metro-Petersburg, and increased our stake in the national newspaper Izvestia.

The holding company entered the TV and film content production market by acquiring a stake in Art Pictures Vision.

We joined forces with Discovery Communications to manage Russian-speaking channels owned by Discovery Group (11 TV channels, including Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, and Eurosport).

The holding company expanded its presence in the pay TV segment. We purchased Russian TV channels owned by the Viasat Group (15 channels, including TV 1000 Russkoe Kino, TV 1000, TV Action, Viasat History) and Turner Corporation (CNN news channel and the children’s channels Cartoon Network and Boomerang). We expanded our presence in the print media segment: NMG acquired a 25% stake in Sport Express. NMG also co-founded the National Advertising Alliance (NAA) with a 25% stake.

We launched the multimedia information center Izvestia, which became a news producer and provider for NMG’s media outlets and TV channels. In cooperation with CTC Media, we founded the Everest sales house and Art Pictures Distribution, a company which specializes in purchasing and monetizing the content copyright library. In 2017, NMG also acquired a 100% stake in AmberData, Russia’s leading technological platform dedicated to the online management of depersonalized data.

NMG increased its interest in Channel One to 29% and acquired an 80% stake in Sony Pictures Television. In addition, NMG and CTC Media co-founded the Vitrina TV project aimed at online content distribution and monetization. In October 2018, National Media Group registered a film company called NMG Studio to invest in Russian content projects, with Invasion by Fyodor Bondarchuk being the first release.

We acquired a 50% stake in Art Pictures Studio. NMG Studio was a party to the transaction, which invests in cinema projects on behalf of NMG. We also purchased a stake in Keystone Production, Metrafilms Studio, and Hype Agency. As part of the Media Telecom package (a joint venture between NMG and Rostelecom), we launched UFC TV, the world’s first UFC channel dedicated to the world of mixed martial arts. Star Media Vision was founded as a content production joint venture between NMG Studio and Star Media.

The films Invasion and Ice 2 were released, becoming blockbusters on the rental market. The thriller Sputnik was released online and was the most popular Russian film in 2020 on all platforms on which the movie was premiered. Mars Media Vision, a joint venture between NMG and Mars Media, was founded to produce movies and series.

Запуск совместно с Медиа-Телеком нового телеканала «Удар».

НМГ и основатель Comedy Club Артур Джанибекян создали совместное предприятие по производству контента «Originals Production».

«Ростелеком» и НМГ объединяют видеосервисы Wink и

Запуск импакт-клуба «Хедлайнеры. Импакт Медиа». Вступление в Альянс по защите детей в цифровой среде.

Запуск совместно с Медиа-Телеком трёх платных каналов: «.Red», «.Black» и «.Sci-FI».

Создание со Сберинтереймент предприятия для спортивных трансляций ООО «Телеспорт груп».

Генеральным продюсером «НМГ Студии» стал известный режиссер, кинопродюсер и основатель «Art Pictures Studio» Федор Бондарчук. Генеральным директором компании стал Дмитрий Табарчук, продюсер «Art Pictures Vision».